Setting Determined Targets 2017

After watching the video of Bella Devyatkina, a 4 yo (Oct 2015) Russian girl who can speak seven languages, I kind of speechless and feel lacking efforts in the development process of Aqila and Alamgir. Basically, I am a person who love to learn many languages and cultures. I like to read histories and blend deeper in to one country’s issue. That’s why I was hoping that my children will be able to speak in many languages, or we can say, to become a polyglot. Living in foreign country (Pakistan) giving us chances to learn multilingual. In Pakistan itself, nationwide, there are two languages used: Urdu as the main language and English as the second language, as Pakistan is one of the commonwealth countries. Other languages known in Pakistan are the provincial languages: Punjabi, Pushtoon, Sindhi, Balochi, and others. While in our surrounding, we also know more of Arabic and familiar to Mandarin Chinese.

Seeing Bella made me realize that I have to be more focus on my children educations and have to put more consideration and determination in my targets on Aqila and Alamgir.

Yulia Devyatkina, Bella’s mother, said her daughter is not a child prodigy; they just invested a lot of time and effort in her development. 1

Another polyglot, Benny Lewis, said in his blog that being a multilingual person is not something special. In a country, usually people recognize more than one languages. Second to that, for me, I speak Bahasa Indonesia as my national language and also recognize Sundanese (from my father side) and Javanese (from my mother side). He further stated that:

…this is not down to any kind of natural talents, genetic heritage, lucky horseshoes or alien experimentation. It’s just from treating the problem scientifically and using the right study methods and applying the right attitude, which anyone else can do too. 2

Therefore, me and my husband will give more efforts in habituate speaking in various languages for Chota Bachon (Aqila and Alamgir). 😀 To record, we begin this in January 14, 2017. I will introduce English language and their father in Arabic. Beside these two languages, we then will move to Urdu and Mandarin, in syaaaLlah..

Jia you 加油!!! Fighting!!! Ganbatte  がんばって!

Other resolution for this year is to be huffadz. So, in syaaaaLlah we will start one short surah each day. I’ve seen the evidence on Aqila when she was able to recite Al Fatihah, An Naas, Al Falaq and Al Ikhlas before our intentional lesson on it, just because we always recite it before her going to bed.

Okay.. We will further resume our steps on becoming polyglot and huffadz in our next posts.

Islamabad, 140117

Ahyani Billah




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